Domenica Angelica is staunchly pro-lifechoice

Yesterday, it rained
water gathered on the ground in sleets
and reflected the blurred dome
of my umbrella back up to me

in our basement suite, with the spotlight
that burned a small hole into the
kitchen cupboard with its sheer voltage,
Mana and I talked

Irene slept over last week and mentioned
that small limbs were found
in a garbage dump outside a clinic in
Florida. This isn’t about freedom anymore

I think we were talking about two different things
but the spotlight kept burning
more holes into cupboards, ziplock bags,
ripened pineapples. Mana blanketed herself
with maxims, maybe I was being too liberal

My bathroom has marble counters
what do I know of women who give birth
at nineteen, and cannot pursue their
PhDs anymore? Or of catholic missionaries
who choose to take the right side of things?
from conception to its natural end

but I do think that
babies aren’t the only ones vulnerable here


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