Things that stay still

the ambient hum of air
heavy with moisture
the rain too potent to bear
comes down in a drizzle

glimpses of red everywhere.
An Ikea lamp red
with a design of black lanterns
A desk chair, brilliantly red
muted by a beige bathrobe
strewn overtop
The big red book of Rumi.
A New York collage 3D
pieces of card sticking out
into the glass
frame, reaching.
The painted head of a Russian doll.
The red champagne flute my lover
gave me has a plastic heart
moulded into its base
and once contained candy
hearts powder-pink and blue.
A red canvas with a single blue button.

These things weave a circle
around the room
and don’t pause
for the rain, or the air
They are just there.

imagePainting: Leonid Afremov – Rain Princess


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