The Haft-Seen


As I look outside my window
the sky blue shaded pink,
I burst
into a million pieces of confetti
a Naw-Ruz celebration of

Sabza, the wheat
of the past, the time when I shrank
from his touch, this bad ex-
boyfriend of mine,
and my face scrunched up
after they politely asked
me to quit.

Sepand, the seed
grad school, cups of coffee,
sleepless nights, endless waiting
outside a room where white-haired professors
discussed my merits,
and I put my all into applications
for programs which rejected me.

Sekka, the coins
gremlins, creatures crouching about
inside of me and I said
“Come on out!”
held their ugly hands
while they danced.

Sir, the cloves of garlic
medicine from when I dared to write
longer poems, to leave some unfinished
and finish those that needed it
those times when I dreamed
and could dream.

Sib, the apple
of his eye.

Senjed, Somaq.
Because He loved me
found me, healed me
and set me


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